Posted by: bandaidchild | May 14, 2010

This all looks too familiar. . .

Hey there.

I used to blog regularly, and then one day stopped. My creative juices dried up like a prune. And nobody truly likes prunes. . . except for perhaps geriatric patients. Who need it for bowel movement purposes, and not because they’re tasty.

I decided to start a new blog because my old one felt like a season. Granted, it was an enormous season, detailing my last two years in high school, my entire time in college, and my year abroad in South Africa.

But I feel like I’m in an embarrassingly familiar stage all over again. . .

The transient stage from pre-teen to teen.

You know, when the braces come off, you start wearing a “real” bra (which is an awkward ordeal in itself), when you realized that you ought to shave all the strange hair you have, and you start to care about way too much that the previous year you didn’t.

I’m in-between not being a fully independent adult (I’m still quite unsure how to do my taxes), but not being a college kid anymore. I’m too old to enjoy dorm life, but not experienced enough to enjoy a day at the park with someone who’s my age with a three year old.

So, sometimes this blog will be about awkward moments in my life because life should be seasoned with humor, and I’m trying to laugh more than I demean myself these days. Other times, this blog will be devoted to what I am learning about leadership, being a big bad grown up, relationships, what I wish I knew in college, and ways in which the Lord is growing me into a woman completely devoted to Him.

I hope you enjoy.


P.S. I used to finish all my entries by writing Philippians 3:13-14. If you haven’t read it, it’s a good one. It’s always been a challenge for me to keep pressing on, but God’s right hand has always kept me steady for some odd reason. I may start posting that again, or I may not. Time will tell.



  1. I am glad that you are journaling again my dear friend….it makes me feel connected to you again. And just in this one post I can see the growth that has occured in you even since I last saw you (far too long ago I might add!) I miss you so much sometimes I hurt….but its funny that the pain doesn’t make me reach out further….sorry I’m a lame friend (and for such a long comment!) However…your post has inspired me….I have been wanting to blog again too but haven’t done it simply because I didn’t think anyone would care anymore…but I think I will…and maybe between the two we can reconnect and be actual friends again! 🙂 ok….sorry for making the first comment a ridiculously long one…..I love you.

    • Mandy: I truly hope you start that blog. Thanks for your encouraging words, friend.

  2. so glad you’re writing again, my friend… i love you.

  3. Glad you’re back! 🙂

    • Well thanks! It feels kinda good to be back. I suppose I’m ready to be known again.

  4. i still get xanga subscriptions in my email, though i don’t ever write there anymore either, and i was pointed here. and promptly read through everything you have so far, because i’ve missed it. your writing. YOU. leaping out from the computer via typed words. i’ve been feeling the exact same way… i should start writing again. but xanga was a chapter. and i’m an almost-adult too, and… well, yeah. this is all to say: i’m glad you’re writing again. i love you.

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