Posted by: bandaidchild | June 24, 2010

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. . .

This ingenious book was written in 1985, which just so happens to also be the year of this little lady’s birth. Eighty Five. What a good year. Some interesting things happened. For example, South Africa ended its ban on interracial marriages, and Michael Jackson and CO. sang, “We Are The World”; they also found Nemo… I mean the Titanic, in all its green, hauntingly still glory, and the FDA figured it should start testing for AIDS during blood donations, since it was like, a big (and real) deal and all.

I liked the book so much that I can still remember the colors in the books. All the blues, grays, greens and that cookie, of course. I appreciated the mouse because he was polite, and he even cleaned up after himself. Sure, sure, he kept wanting one thing after another, and one might interpret the mouse as just a little deadbeat, but I think he simply knew the natural order of things, and knew the boy would comply.

What if, instead of snotty entitlement, the mouse inquired because he knew whom he was asking?

I know it’s a stretch. But it’s how my brain works, and how God communicates to me often–making the most seemingly obscure connections to something appear to be God’s trademark in my life. It’s kind of like the seven degrees of separation for Kevin Bacon. But here it is anyway.

From here, I thought about John 15, specifically verse 7, where Jesus says, ” if you remain in me, and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you.”

I understand how this verse could be seen as a “free for all”, asking Jesus for unlimited passes to the zoo (some of us twenty somethings still like the zoo. . . .But I’ve never asked for that. That’d be silly.), or something like that, but I think what God is trying to say here (ever notice how He is quite the wordsmith?) is this:

Hey. I want us to be close. I know what you need, but if you ask for it, I would love to give it to you. My desire is that you would know that I love to bless you, and that you would know My heart so well that you might be confident in how much I take care of you.

So it’s not so much that once you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll keep asking for more things (like milk…. Mmmmm…. I love milk), but that maybe the boy knew he’d ask for those things. And they aren’t burdensome to give. Despite the author’s lack of speaking about inner dialogue of the boy, I’d bet he loved giving his mouse things.

I’ve been asking God for some things I really need, like money for food and to help pay my bills. But I’m not yet confident enough to ask Him over and over. I think, am I being a beach comber? Am I being a loafer? Am I sitting on the couch waiting to be served? Ought I …. pray a whole bunch so that God knows we’re tight again?


Maybe not.

He wants a deep relationship with me, though I don’t believe that His statement in John 15 is contingent on our relationship being intertwined (though He yearns for it to be); I think that the intimacy with Him will give me confidence that He wants to bless me sometimes.

So I’m trying to have everyday conversations with the Big Guy, not so I “get what I want”, so that I come boldly to the Throne, and then start Trusting that He has my best interests at heart.

I’m hoping to be posting with more consistency as I have internet at my kickin’ crib now. Keep reading, keep learning, and I’ll be sure and keep posting awkward pre-teen like stories, too.




  1. I paused at the “ask for whatever you wish” for a really long time and came up with a surprisingly long list. Some needs, mostly not… but desires for sure. Apparently there’s much more in my heart than what I’ve been sharing with the Big Guy about – so I think I’l join you in those more frequent every day conversations…

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