Posted by: bandaidchild | July 5, 2010

The Ugliest Dog I’ve Ever Met.

Our next door neighbors are very nice. The lady of the house even let me borrow a wrench so I could put up my punching bag. We clumsily bantered over which size I needed.

That made me feel happy inside to know I’m not the only woman that doesn’t attribute numbers to wrench sizes.

I learned in South Africa that the fastest way to get into the heart of a mother is to show her children love and affection. So that was typically the route I took when I knocked on a crooked metal door to invite myself into a Basotho (“ba-soo-too”) home. I’d play peek-a-boo, or play games of “kick this can across the yard into this bucket”, or watch their eyes glisten as chemicals that form bubbles danced upon their noses.

While I saw lots of babies with strings attached to their hip, or leg (signifying that witch doctors had instructed the parent to tie this color in this part of the body as protection) which made me sad, and how lots of them smelled like sour milk, and sometimes had bugs in their tiny fros, they were never ugly.

One day, out of my neighbors house, I saw the ugliest dog I’ve ever met. It’s a little Chihuahua thing. Her eyes bulge out of her head, and she shakes so violently that it looks like she’s afraid to be alive.

I decided, to be a good neighbor and get into the heart of my fellow neighbor, I’d love her ugly dog, who certainly was not ugly to her.

It didn’t smell, but that’s about all it had going for it. I always say hello to the doggy and try to pet it, but she doesn’t let me. ever. Jerk.

Then today after my workout, she came up to me and let me pet her. She’s remarkably soft! Let’s see, non-smelly AND soft. Two points.

So I’ve decided she’s not the ugliest dog I’ve ever met now.

She may have doggie-style agoraphobia, but I figure that she has redeeming qualities besides her softness and smell.

In conclusion, some (thing, one) may be ugly on the outside until you get close enough to inspect their idiosyncrasies.

That’s my thought for the day.




  1. …I love how the things you learned in South Africa still impact your todays…

    …and I laughed out loud at the mental picture your words gave me of the the ugly, not smelly, soft and agoraphobic dog!!! HA!

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