Posted by: bandaidchild | April 23, 2011

“What Now?

I bet that’s what the rag tag bunch of faithful followers wondered. Don’t you think those who loved Jesus begged for something, anything on this Saturday? Perhaps God could’ve flown down a dove adorned with a detailed note describing why today needed to be silent. And what tomorrow meant, and how they would weep, oh how they would weep, but His death would not be all for naught.

You think some of them wondered if Jesus had said something important and they missed it? Think they scolded themselves for being distracted at the dinner table? Wishing they spoke in parables like Jesus seemed to constantly communicate to them in. Nothing made sense right now, and if someone could have just picked up all the puzzle pieces and started helping….

But that didn’t happen. No dove with a cute little transcription, nobody helped pick up the puzzle pieces (not just yet anyway), and yet they had both worry and praise on their lips.

Did the Disciples go fishing that day? Take walks? Play games? Did they attempt to find something to do to stop their racing mind from having its reel go off course? Did some of them get sick over the images of their friend dying? Did they make Mary a meal and wipe her tears? Did any of them see Judas’ body swaying from the tree? Did they gather to pray? Eat? Share their favorite memories of Jesus with one another, like the time someone tripped Jesus and they were all in on it and it was one of the funniest days they’d had when the religious tension grew? Or that time He stopped that storm, or how about that creepy pig story? Maybe some of them laughed thinking upon Him.

You think?

Were the overwhelming events that had transpired in the last day too much to bear that some of them did nothing? Absolutely nothing?

Sometimes I wish the Bible didn’t have so many ellipses within it. The day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is shrouded with mystery and here I am scratching my noggin at what they all did that day.

I suppose His Words here are like anything else in the pages; they reveal who we love and trust, even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

(even that doesn’t make sense!)

This is the day of ultimate dissonance. Two notes close together on a piano that make a grating, uneasy sound…And all everybody could do was wait for the resolve.

And there was a resolve. The melody was somber and celebratory in a very bittersweet way for the Disciples. But believe me: there was resolve.


So what now?



  1. Your blog. It is neglected. 😉

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