About Me.

It’s time for an update.

So, here’s a little information a-boot me.

I’m a twenty four College graduate who fears she’s fumbling around the planet like a sojourner, like a hobo, like a wanderer, like a lost puppy.

I attended a Christian College where I learned an immense amount, and saw more great people of character than most people get to see in their lifetime.

I’ve secured a job as a 911 dispatcher. You won’t hear me talk about it because I’m legally not allowed to, but don’t worry, you’ll hear about all sorts of funny things, and things I am learning about. My hope is that you learn, too, and this may be a blessing to both of us.

I’m currently in the training stage of my job, and it’s got AWKWARD written all over it. Or maybe it’s written all over me……… I can’t decide. Either way, this stage once again makes me feel like an awkward preteen because I came in thinking I had everything figured out, and then realized I knew absolutely nothing. Like showing up on your first day of high school wearing overalls, I feel dumb… most of the time.

But, I’m learning. And it’s really really tough stuff to learn. Keeping perspective is the only way I will survive this position.

I may be twenty four, but very often I feel like I’m twelve. I’m learning things emotionally that I should’ve learned as a little kid, I just learned how to change a fuse in my car, I only dress up when it’s absolutely necessary, I still love playing with LEGOS and beating children in foot races, and my love of minimalism sometimes makes me look unprofessional.

I’m an enigma. And sometimes I love it. Other times, I want to be a grown up without the responsibilities that being a grown up entails.

That’s me so far.

….Still interested?



  1. “I want to be a grown up without the responsibilities that being a grown up entails”… ditto!!

    …I like your new corner of blogesphere. Count me in as a reader!

  2. Wahoo! I have one reader!

  3. Just started following your blog! keep up the great work! (:

  4. Annnd two! YES.

  5. You’re a bit older than me (about the same age as my sister actually) but i’ve read through a couple of your posts and they are great! You’re a great writer and I love all your Christian insight. I’ve subscribed to your blog! xo

  6. I feel I can relate to you as I read your blog, which I found via The EMT spot. And FYI, there’s nothing wrong with playing with LEGOS!

  7. hey. so tumblr is a little different (you can’t really leave comments) but you can always write me in my ask box (or email me… brittisgood AT gmail DOT com). to answer your question, it’s actually only been a week since the last time.

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