Music I love.

So I figured since music is such a big part of my life, I’d let you all in on the folks I listen to with the most frequency, and explain why.  This will be a forever-changing list, so check back every once in a while for new artists.

These are the opinions of one person. This list probably won’t change too much in my lifetime, though.

1. (composer) Thomas Newman. He writes scores for movies like Finding Nemo, Road to Perdition, American Beauty, Phenomenon, Little Women, How to Make an American Quilt, Pay it Forward, Shawshank Redemption. . . Just to name a few. What I like about him over other composers such as John Williams (Star Wars), is his constant use of minor keys and dissonance. There’s a song on my iTunes that I’ve listened to over 1,500 times by him, and I find that it’s good music to write to.

2. Relient K. I’ve loved this band since I was in High school, attending more than 10 concerts, and even meeting them (they liked the way I said, ‘Wisconsin’. Blush blush.). I find most intriguing is the writing. Theissen’s play-on-words and carefully selected sentences makes them a timeless band in my opinion.

3. James Taylor. I am often reminded of my Dad when I listen to James Taylor. Taylors’ music is melodic enough to put me to sleep, but also put me in this place where I feel like I’m reliving his own childhood memories when he sings about growing up in Boston. I remember fondly my Father singing tenor harmony to “Sweet Baby James” in the car, and me secretly singing a third harmony where nobody else could hear me. Taylor makes guitar playing look easy, and his voice has never changed even though he’s kinda old and maybe even a little wrinkly now. He is a music legend to me.

4. Sara Groves. A former teacher-turned performer, she and her husband (who plays set and auxillary) play a lot of benefit concerts now, and I got to see her two years ago. Aside from Theissen’s brilliant song-writing, she is neck and neck with him. Her brutal honesty compels me to change the way I look at God, causes me to praise Him, and take stock of the kind of Disciple I am.

5. John Mayer. Despite his overt expression of worldly manliness (albiet a very honest confession of why pornography is so appealing to people- I’ll find the article somewhere.), I think he’s an incredibly creative musician and writer. He dabbles in several genres, which showcases his realm of talent. He also does a ton of improvisation in his concerts, which, again, conveys his ability to compose and his understanding of rhythm.

6. Pomplamoose. Like several bands (Justin Beiber doesn’t count.), this duo got their start on YouTube. What I love about them is their attention-to-detail composition. They use an enormous arsenal of unique instruments, which showcases their musicality, but also adds to the beauty of their songs. Give them a listen. They also do silly videos, and seem to love each other immensely.


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